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Ova textile, one of the biggest weaving factories in Adana, is growing year on year with its customer satisfaction and its production policy based on quality, and crossing the boundaries of the country.It has aimed at offering the best qualified service with its infrastructure, experience and experienced staff.

It is possible to get information from the part of 'Infrastructure and About us' and in order to contact us you can get information from our 'Contact' page. Thank you.

Our Institution

We have been able to offer the best service to our customers with our 32 machines under the brands Picanol Optimax and Picanol Gammax which are equipped with the latest technology and have the daily capacity of 10.000 metres, and with our air-conditioned salon activated in 2010 and Conic weaving warp.

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We have been able to produce 'every kind of raw cloth' from Poly Viscose to cotton and from linen to velvet. Please look at the page of 'About us' in order to get information about our service policy and institute.

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As Ova Tekstil, we have been giving attention to the questions and suggestions of our customers for better service. If you wish to contact us for any reason, we will be glad to help you.