Experience in weaving sector from 1996 to today…

Ova Tekstil

About Us

Founded in 1996, Ova Tekstil has begun to operate with six looms under the brand Sulzar and now it has been one of the ten biggest weaving factories in Adana.

Moving to the Zone of Adana Organize Industry in 2002, Ova Textile has begun to be the leading preference with using the advantages in a best way brought by its closeness to OSB's yarn, fold and the factories of dye-sizing.

It has carried out the products of cut weaving to the biggest textile companies of Turkey and our products have decorated the shopwindows of the best leading trademarks of the world.

It has aimed at offering the best service to our customers with our 'quality control trıpod", 'Coning weaving warp' and 'air-conditioned salons' activated in 2010 and 32 machines under the brand Picanol which has the latest technology and the daily capacity of 10.000 metres.

Ova Tekstil, which is able to produce 'every kind of raw cloth' from Poly Viscose to Cotton, and from Linen to Velvet, will undertake to offer the best qualified service to its customers with its infrastructure, experience and experienced staff.

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As Ova Tekstil, we have been giving attention to the questions and suggestions of our customers for better service. If you wish to contact us for any reason, we will be glad to help you.